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  • Informative Services to students on portal

    1.About University

     Student will get detailed information about university.

    2.About University Organization Structure

     Student will get detailed information about University organization structure

    3.About Courses and Colleges

     Student will get the information about the various courses and their affiliation to the colleges.

    4.About Admissions

     Student will get information about admission procedure, rules and fees etc.

    5.Syllabi Download

     Student can download syllabi of various courses.

    6.About Scholarships and Government Schemes

     Student will get detailed information about the scholarships and Government schemes.

    7.About Examinations and Results

     Student will get detailed information about examination and results.

    8.Suggestion and complaints

     Student can give suggestions or log complaints.

    9.Feed backs

     Student can give their feedbacks.

    10.News, Calendar and Events

     Student will get information about various news and events.

    11.Various alerts in student login

     Student will get alerts for various events like last date of admission, exam for submission, hall tickets etc. in his/her login.