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  • Health Centre Activities

    Health Centre Activities :-

    Since its inception Health Centre has always followed the principle “Prevention is better than cure”. Early diagnosis of many health problems prevents potential adverse effects on health of students and staff. For this health centre organizes different health checkup camps every year for students as well as staff of the University. These camps are as follows,


    • Anemia detection camp– In this camp, hemoglobin level of students is checked on yearly basis. Those who are found anemic are given iron supplementation and diet advice is given.
    • Blood group detection camp– In this camp blood group of the staff & students are checked on yearly basis. Data base of blood groups is maintained.
    • Bone Mineral Density check up camp– In this camp bone mineral density of students & staff is checked. This camp is useful in diagnosis of osteoporosis. Vitamin D & Calcium tablets are given to patients having osteoporosis.
    • Diabetes detection camp– Blood sugar levels are checked in this camp. This camp helps in detection of diabetes. Patients having high sugar levels are educated about the disease and referred to the specialists.
    • Hypertension checkup camp– In this camp High blood pressure patients are diagnosed and advised life style changes in order to control high BP.
    • Ophthalmic checkup camp– Basic refractory errors are diagnosed in this camp and patients having refractory errors are sent to ophthalmologist for further treatment.
    • Dental checkup camps- These are done in order to diagnose dental disorders. Information about dental hygiene is given in this camp.

    Apart from these camps Health centre had organized health lectures on various topics such as quit tobacco, sex education for students etc.
    Health centre had also organized Poster Exhibition on HIV-AIDS awareness on occasion of National Science Day.