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  • Circulars

  Date Details For Circulars
    1 05/10/2017 about implementation of ordinance no. 40 Click here
    2. 24/10/2017 about implementaion of comulsory english for B.Sc.  Click Here
    3. 30/10/2017 about B.Sc.I-CGPA to CBCS Pattern Equivalence Papers Click Here
    4. 07/11/2017 about inviting expression of interest from teaches interested in developing MOOCs Click Here
    5. 07/11/2017 about equivalence of M.Sc. Biotech CGPA to CBCS Click Here
    6. 08/11/2017 about Equivalence of BCA Part-I&II CGPA to CBCS Click Here
    7. 22/11/2017 about implementaion of  Democracy, Election and Good Governance, Environmental Studies w.e.f. June-2017-18 Click Here
    8. 27/11/2017 List of Recommended and Not Recommended proposals of Financial Assistance for Organizing Workshop / Seminars Click Here
    9. 14/12/2017 about inviting suggestions and objections on CET for admission to  Education degree course  Click Here
    10. 21/12/2017 about MCA-II Revised CBCS True spirit Syllabus Click Here
    11. 29/01/2018 about Formula for Conversion of CGPA to Percentage Marks Click Here
    12. 17/02/2018 about Democracy, Elections and Good Governance & Environmental Studies( Education & Law College only) Click Hear
    13 27/02 extension of last date for submission the bills of expentditure on workshop / seminar /conference Click Here
    14 24/04/2018 about nomination for Maharshi Badnarayan Byas Pursakar Click Here
    15 18/05/2018 Nominated In-charge Deans and Associate Deans for all faculties Click Here
    16 16/07/2018 about NPTEL & Self Learning Courses Click Here
    17 21/07/2018 about Syllabus Circular Click Here
    18 3/08/2018 about First Year B.Tech(All Branches) Syllabus Circular Click Here
    19 03/08/2018 Inviting Proposals of Financial Assistance to organise seminar & workshop Click Here
    20 17/09/2018 2010 पॅटर्नमधील अनुत्तीर्ण विद्यार्थ्यांच्या परीक्षेबाबतचे परिपत्रक Click Here
    21 17/09/2018 शैक्षणिक वर्ष 2012-13 किंवा त्यापूर्वी अभियांत्रिकी/फार्मसी/आर्किटेक्चर अभ्यासक्रमास प्रवेशित असून सद्यस्थितीत अनुत्तीर्ण असलेल्या विद्यार्थ्यांच्या परीक्षेबाबत.  
    22 18/12/2018 List of Recommended and Not Recommended proposals of Financial Assistance for Organizing Workshop / Seminars 2018-19  click here
    23 26/12/2018 About Fees for Democracy, Elections and Good Goverence  
    24 16/02/2019 Extension of last date for submission the bill of expentditure on workshop/seminar/conference. Click here
    25 08/07/2019 NPTEL & Self Learning Click here
    26 16/07/2019 Regarding Rajharshi Shahumaharja Award  Click here
    27 17/07/2019 Regarding workshop and seminar financial proposal Click here
    28 06/08/2019 Gold Medal New Rules Click Here
    29 09/08/2019 Fee Fixation  New Circular2019-20 Click Here